September Writing Challenge

Write one post every day, roughly 500 words long

Checking In

After taking a few days off from the writing challenge (write something every day for the month of September), I am starting to feel like I’ve gotten out of it what I had hoped to. I’m tired, Jasper is being a butt, and I think I’m going to scale things back to something more sustainable.…

To Emmet, From Sebastian

When your note emerged from the CD player, I have to admit that I was shocked. Even as I started reading, I couldn’t believe that 1) my car was sentient and 2) he had taken the time to write me a note.

Mini Non-Video Game Guides

In an effort to write something that the masses will be able to appreciate, I’ve composed a series of guides concerning things that are not video games.

Mini Video Game Guides

n this post, I will share as much wisdom regarding the many video games I’ve played in my life in as few words as possible.

To Sebastian, From Emmet

Despite what your mother says, I’m not mad that you don’t clean me. And no, it’s not that I’ve merely become accustomed to being in a perpetual state of filth. On the contrary, I try to live by a ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’ philosophy. In that respect, you’ve never let me down.

Trust in Storytelling (cont.)

To be enjoyable, an activity can’t be too easy or too hard. There is a similar idea in education that a student won’t learn if a task is too easy or too hard. How does learning relate to the enjoyment of an activity?

Trust in Storytelling

“Add Some Elegance to Your Next Party With These Punch Bowls” – This is a continuation of an idea I introduced in “Blog Potpourri (pt. 1)”: How does the relationship between author and audience figure into an explanation of what makes a good story? I often think about why I am drawn to certain…


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